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Made in Germany

Since 1995, our company headquarters in Villmar-Seelbach has been producing with state-of-the-art technology and the greatest know-how. As a medium-sized family business, we produce a wide variety of bottle closures for spirits, delicatessen, cosmetics and wine. Today, we can count among our customers the most renowned companies of the above-mentioned industries in Germany and abroad.



… for our creativity and individuality - in 1996 we get the promotion award "Innovativer Mittelstand"


Continuous product development

With more than 20 years of experience, we have continued to evolve and continuously expand our product portfolio to meet the high demands and ever-increasing challenges.

With our specially made, glue-free Classic-UNIT t-stoppers, we can meet the requirements of the market trend perfectly and offer them in natural, high-quality and solid versions - our UNIT stoppers are simply inseparable!

In order to offer a natural solution in the area of ​​the new closure generation of the GPI / GCMI closures, we developed the Classic-GPI and were able to successfully place it on the market. With the Elegance-GPI we can provide your bottle with high quality and special finishing. In order to customize your bottle cap, we have created a solid solution with the Basic GPI, which can be adapted directly to your needs.

Thanks to our own production - creative, flexible and reliable!


Excellent service

With the best service, a competent team, a professional quality assurance and competitive conditions, we ensure a partnership-based cooperation and face future challenges together.


creativity - flexibility - reliability

These are our exceptional strengths!